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"Our Pasta & Ravioli are made on premises using premium quality fine semolina flour, free range eggs, extra virgin olive oil & sea salt"


Every day we make authentic Sicilian style pizza from scratch using the freshest & highest quality ingredients available. We have a traditional wood-fired oven pizza maintained and stoked to temperature by our very own pizzaiolo. Using an authentic Sicilian recipe and our Tumminia flour, we have perfected our Sourdough pizza with our"lievito madre" which is allowed to rise for at least 48 hrs in order to keep our pizza truly "alive". Enjoy a slice of Sicily!
Sikulo introduces a brand new way to prepare pizza. Our"Gourmet" pizza, is made with a special dough which is light & easy to digest. These special pizzas are topped by our quality ingredients added to the pizza only at the end of the cooking process.


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